The Hard Edge™ is a corporate programme that bridges the gap between Medical, Health & Longevity – and the Business Bottom Line. We specialise in working with C-suite executives and senior management teams in large companies.

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Known in London’s media as “The Merciless Mr Bean”, Tim Bean is called upon by business organisations and companies of all sizes to speak at their conferences, off-sites and corporate events.  Find out more…

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In a series of private interviews, Tim Bean reveals how optimising executive wellbeing connects directly with the business bottom line – and also improves work/life balance. Watch the series here…

Press Reviews

“The best bit! Getting rid of that dreaded cellulite. But it was priceless to know I had the determination to achieve my goal and permanently change my eating habits.” – Zest magazine

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By Anne Laing – We know that sleep deprivation affects concentration and reaction time, but did you also know that your memory is affected, your emotions go haywire, and levels of your fat-regulating hormone leptin decrease whilst increasing the hunger hormone ghrelin? Another of the less-well-known problems associated with lack of sleep is the inhibition […]

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Do You Feel Like You’re Always Going Up the “Down” Escalator? Most of us feel that way as the years pass and we accumulate more and more stress, more and more responsibilities. The satisfaction of our busy lives turns into an invisible weight on our shoulders that just gets heavier and heavier. Fortunately, there’s an answer. (And it isn’t […]

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