About Us


Executive Longevity Presenter Tim Bean and weight loss and anti-ageing guru Anne Laing bring together two vastly different worlds: the Corporate Health and Wellbeing world, and the weight-loss, anti-ageing and beauty world. They provide a wealth of experience and first-hand knowledge that only people who have lived, worked and thrived in these challenging environments for a long time could possibly possess.

They occupy a unique position, bridging the knowledge gap between between medical, health and longevity, and earning capacity, wealth and the business bottom line.

By restoring the hardened physiques and high nutrition of our hunter-gatherer forefathers, they teach and demonstrate that it’s not only possibly to survive, but also thrive, in this concrete jungle we find ourselves in today.

Their private clients include celebrities and social high-flyers, and their corporate clients include key earners in seven of the world’s ten biggest investment banks.

Anne is also an author and writer on weight-loss and optimal ageing, and Tim presents keynotes, seminars and workshops at corporate events, conferences, and exhibitions around the world.

Through running their own health clubs, and experiencing first hand the pain that misinformation and commercial marketing agenda’s have caused in their clients lives, they have created an entire lifestyle plan that focuses on long term health and shape.

They are founders of the Institute of Physique Management in London, and creators of The Hard Edge® Executive Longevity Programmes.

Detailed History

After many years of study and training, Anne and Tim formed Performance Training Company, which opened its first Health and Wellness Club in New Zealand in 1991. With the Club quickly growing to occupy a substantial 35,000 sq ft, in 1996 it received an award for Top Performing operation in Australasia (Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Basin) out of 52 competing Clubs, excelling in customer service and training protocols.

As part of their unique services within the club, they created and developed a revolutionary physique programme that reported outstanding rates of success. The programme concentrated upon equipping each client with the knowledge and skills to maintain their health and wellness for life by covering a wider array of topics, instead of concentrating on just one such as diet, or exercise alone – the failing of many club and trainer-based programmes.

In 1997 they designed and spearheaded the New Zealand national “Eat Smart” healthy eating campaign in conjunction with the National Heart Foundation and Crown Public Health.

Tim and Anne regularly conducted seminars, workshops and lectures, and gained national recognition hosting a weekly 25-minute live studio Health Forum on the National Radio network and authoring a popular and widely read weekly column “Fit Tips” in the regional newspaper.

They personally designed and supervised thousands of successful training programmes, and even today are recognised internationally as authoritative voices on Health & Wellness issues.

In 2000 they travelled to the UK and immediately engaged in a 12-month management residency at the exclusive Harbour Club in London, and later founded the Institute of Physique Management (IoPM).

Since then they have been frequently called upon by the media for interviews and comment (FT Weekend, Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Sunday Times, London Metro, ITN News, London’s Capital FM, Sky1 TV, GMTV, Lorraine Kelly Today), and have been consulting feature authors, contributors and feature subjects for CBS News, UK Health and Fitness Magazine, Sunday Times Style magazine, The London Magazine, Tatler, She magazine, Ultrafit magazine and Zest fitness magazine.

Recently Tim co-presented an 8-episode series for Channel 4 Television, “Turn Back Your Body Clock”, and their subsequent book “Turn Back Your Age Clock” (Hamlyn), a definitive guide to de-ageing, was an instant success.  Their latest books “The Wealthy Body® in Business”, and “27 Hard Edge Rules” are about to be released.

In addition to presenting Keynotes, Corporate Seminars and Workshops, IoPM provides an intensive 12-week programme, The Hard Edge®, for executive and senior management teams.  This hands-on and high-touch programme successfully guides and drives clients to achieve their individual goals under the direct supervision of Anne, Tim, and their hand-picked team of experts, and is specifically tailored to meet the challenges faced by leadership teams in large corporations.

Successfully established at the top end of the executive market, it takes a scientific factual approach, and is custom designed from the ground up in each case.