As times get tougher it’s even more important than ever that your best performers are functioning at the very top of their game – both as individuals and as a team!

In this changing and challenging economic climate, imagine how resilient, energised and agile your business would be if the people driving it were the same!

This exciting team-building challenge is launched at your office or off-site venue anywhere in the world by our hand-picked Corporate Physique Specialists.

In a 1 or 2-day hands-on workshop the framework is created and a challenge is set that will reap long-term benefits both within your organisation and in the personal lives of your key people – even across global geographies!

Including all the hallmark characteristics of our Executive Health & Performance Challenge, the Team-Building Challenge is sure to have your upper echelon of key performers consistently bringing their “A” game – every single time! As with our Executive Individual Challenge there are choices of tailored delivery options and a robust personal support package built in, so all team members have exclusive 24/7 personal access to their challenge leaders at all times.

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