• Is the life-blood of your business haemorrhaging away through invisible “Performance leaks”?
  • Is the overload of an excessive Corporate Ballast Index™ dragging your business down?
  • Did you know that the physical shape of your people and the fiscal shape of your business are directly and inextricably linked?
  • Did you know that the EQ* of your staff directly affects their IQ potential?   *(Effectiveness Quotient™)
  • Is your business run by Daleks? Are your key people functioning only from the neck up?

Would You Like Everyone On Your Payroll – From The Top Down - To Have:

  • Masses more energy, vitality and resilience?
  • Greater effectiveness, productivity and performance?
  • Increased agility, clarity and creativity?
  • Enhanced ability to cope with the impact of stress, travel and jet lag?
  • Better recovery, satisfaction and work/life integration?
  • Boosted confidence, self-image and control?
  • Revitalised leadership bonding and team dynamics, even across different company divisions?


The Hard Edge™ delivers…!

From your board of directors and senior management teams, right through to your support and maintenance personnel, it will be possible to engage all levels of employees in an exciting and motivating challenge that will revitalise your company energy from within and boost productivity and profitability to a new level.

This is a unique 12-month company-wide wellness and performance programme we deliver to corporations, organisations and businesses of all sizes.

Through a dynamic synergy of exercise, nutrition and performance strategies your best people will be able to get in the best physical condition possible – all within the challenges of their daily environment.

We are experts at working with men and women in corporate organisations, boosting their energy, performance, resilience and longevity.

We specialise in taking the top performers in your company or business to a superior level of performance we call The Hard Edge.

A Ferrari doesn’t run on lawnmower fuel…

…and neither do our amazing bodies run at their best on junk food.  If you demand and expect high performance from your key people, they need to understand what their bodies really need to keep them running at optimum levels.

When a lot depends on the people who run your company, you can’t afford not to have them keep up the pace!

To maintain our bodies in the way they were designed to operate doesn’t need drugs, sachets of powder, so-called “energy” drinks or weigh-ins, just common sense based on time-effective exercise and sound nutritional principles.

For any corporate employee, training for body health should be the same as an athlete

This is because to be fully engaged and to have longevity in their position they need to be mentally, emotionally and physically fit! Top athletes are trained to know that recovering energy is just as important as expending it.  People in business are now waking up to the fact that sustained high achievement demands physical and emotional strength as well as a sharp intellect. Once your company takes on The Hard Edge™ 12-week challenge, you’ll be amazed at the difference it will make!

Our unique methods always deliver proven results!


  • Knowledge is Power. Your staff members will have the benefit of the latest current research in many fields distilled down to a single integrated programme.  They will learn the science and secrets to achieving a high-performance physique through effective exercise, optimal nutrition and practical lifestyle skills.
  • One Key to Fit One Lock. They will have a customised life-plan tailored to fit exactly into their working lives and personal lifestyles, leaving out irrelevant information and adding in only the most useful tools they need for their own individual situation – the critical “need to know” secrets to success!


  • All Things Considered. Medical, physical, nutritional and environmental factors are addressed in order to have each person at the top of their game. What makes The Hard Edge™ so consistently effective is that it covers many elements instead of focussing on only one aspect, such as exercise or nutrition alone – a fully rounded and complete programme!
  • You Have Our Attention. Everyone is closely monitored and supervised every step of the way to ensure the benchmarks and results of their personal challenge are achieved and documented.  This ensures total accountability and provides a drive to succeed.
  • Maintaining The Hard Edge. Assessments, new challenges and ongoing support and resources are provided throughout the programme to enable continued progress and success.

7 Important Reasons That May Make This Your Best Option:

1. Over the last 20 years we have researched and developed a fully rounded and systemised approach to de-ageing and optimising the performance of the human physique at many levels.

2. Working closely with your staff we create a high-performance life-plan that will increase energy, boost confidence, drive productivity and accelerate performance in every aspect of work and life.

3. This is a revolutionary programme for extraordinary people and we guide your staff through many levels of improvement, constantly measuring, monitoring and adjusting these factors to keep them at The Hard Edge™ of their game.

4. Our unique approach, which is totally results-focussed, has been able to achieve significant positive results because our hands-on methods ensure a greater level of personal buy-in, commitment, discipline and adherence, which is simply not present in other corporate wellness programmes.

5. This also includes dealing with often sensitive personal issues that may impact their performance and the framework of their programme (such as their home environment, family commitments, interests, holidays, etc.)

6. Achieving optimal physical and mental performance with individuals in a company is just as important as qualifications and experience in maximising the energy, talents and skills required in a fast-paced business environment.

7. We have a proven track record of operating successfully in the international business sphere so not only can we integrate well with that working style, but we can actively contribute to, and improve, the lives and lifestyles of your company’s employees at all levels.

So, What to do Now?

The Hard Edge™ Company-wide Wellness and Performance Programme is bolted together on a project-by-project basis to ensure the best results are achieved in every case.  Fully integrated with a powerful delivery and support engine, and led by our keynote, seminar and workshop programmes,the challenge offers a number of unique models that can be tailored to fit your exact requirements.

Call us directly on +44 (0) 20 8870 4557, or email us to discuss how we can best meet the needs of your company or organisation.