Staysharp Utility Knife

The Best Never-Dull Knife

We have this knife and absolutely couldn’t be without it. We use it every day to make eating quick and easy – even when we travel. It’s a fantastic little Australian knife, perfect when you’re eating foods more in their natural state – like slicing up fruit for one of our high-protein smoothies or chopping up your favorite goodies for a great salad.

Lots of our clients have beautiful knife sets – but they’re so often dull.  These knives never, ever get dull thanks to the nifty little storage scabbards that keep them constantly sharp. Everyone who gets them swears by them. And no cause for alarm around the children- they have child safety locks, too.

Every one of these knives is stainless steel, too. So they last and last and last – no rust.


4-1/2″ utility knife

Order now £21.20

6″ Santoku chef’s knife

Order now £30.00

4-1/2″ utility knife PLUS 6″ Santoku chef’s knife – BEST VALUE: SAVE 20%

Order now £40.50

8″ cook’s knife

Order now £30.00