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Corporate Wellness Plan

Corporate Wellbeing Plan 

  • Are your key people only functioning from the neck up?
  • Is the life-blood of your business haemorrhaging away through invisible “Performance leaks”?
  • Did you know that the physical shape of your people and the fiscal shape of your business are directly, and inextricably, linked?

Would You Like Everyone On Your Team to Have:

  • More energy, vitality and resilience against stress?
  • Greater confidence, effectiveness, and performance in the workplace?
  • Better recovery, creativity - and a more satisfying work/life balance?

Our Corporate Wellbeing Events Deliver…!

From your board of directors and senior management teams, right through to support and maintenance personnel, it’s now possible to engage all levels of employees in an exciting and motivational Wellbeing programme that will revitalise your company energy from within..!
Our Wellbeing events can be delivered to companies, organisations and businesses of all sizes.

A Ferrari Doesn’t Run On Lawnmower Fuel…

…and neither do our amazing bodies run at their best on junk food. If you demand and expect high performance from your key employees, they need to understand what their bodies really need to keep them running at optimum levels.

To be in great health, your Company needs to be strong, agile, energised and engaged. Wouldn’t it be great if the people running it were the same..?

To maintain our bodies in the way they were designed to operate doesn’t need drugs, sachets of powder, so-called “energy” drinks or weigh-ins, just common sense based on time-effective and scientifically proven principles.

For any employee, training for body health should be the same as an athlete...

This is because to be fully engaged and to have longevity in their position they need to be mentally, emotionally and physically fit! Top athletes are trained to know that recovering energy is just as important as expending it. People in business are now waking up to the fact that sustained performance demands physical and emotional strength, as well as a sharp intellect. Once your employees begin to adapt and adopt the tips, tactics, tools and templates they receive in our interactive sessions, you’ll be amazed at the difference it will make!

Our Unique Approach Always Inspires Dramatic Results!

Knowledge is Power.
Your staff will have the latest research in many fields distilled down into need-to-know, practical nuggets. They will learn the science and secrets to achieving a healthy, functional physique through effective and practical lifestyle habits.

One Key to Fit One Lock.
They’ll be able to tailor their new knowledge to fit their professional and personal lifestyles, leaving out irrelevant information and utilising only the most useful tools they need for their own individual situation – the critical “need to know” secrets to success!

All Things Considered.
Many factors are addressed in order to give each person the tools to function at the top of their game. What makes our Corporate Wellbeing Events so consistently effective is that they cover many elements instead of focussing on only one aspect, such as exercise or nutrition alone – it’s a fully rounded and complete approach.

You Have Our Attention.
Every event is carefully thought through, and bolted together to fit the precise requirements, profile and challenges of your staff and your business. Whether it’s a dynamic and motivational keynote to launch your annual wellbeing initiative, a series of seminars to inspire more lasting behavioural change, or our 2-day MBA ‘masterclass’ workshop to bring your leadership team together, we’ll spend time understanding your unique requirements in order to deliver the best package to suit your needs.

We have a proven track record of operating successfully in the international business sphere, so not only can we integrate well with that working style, but we can actively contribute to, and improve, the lives and lifestyles of your valued employees - at all levels.

So, What To Do Now?

The Hard Edge™ Company-wide Wellness and Performance Programme is bolted together on a project-by-project basis to ensure the best results are achieved in every case. Fully integrated with a powerful delivery and support engine, and led by our keynote, seminar and workshop programmes,the challenge offers a number of unique models that can be tailored to fit your exact requirements.

Call us directly on +44 (0) 20 8870 4557, or email us to discuss how we can best meet the needs of your company or organisation.